Pros of combi boilers:

  • Combi boilers are very energy-efficient, most produced with an efficiency rating of 90% or higher.
  • Hot water is delivered at the same pressure as the mains, giving you a powerful hot shower without needing to have a shower pump.
  • Their compact size means they save space at home; some combi boilers are small enough to fit inside a typical kitchen cupboard.
  • It is possible to save money on installation, compared to other boiler types since no cylinder, and hence less pipework and shorter installation time.

Cons of combi boilers:

  • They’re a little bit expensive to run for a large home with many bathrooms.
  • A decline in water pressure is experienced If many appliances require hot water at the same time
  • Combi boilers don’t have an extra immersion heater to heat water in the event of a breakdown
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