On average, the life expectancy of a boiler is around 15 years. Most boiler manufacturers offer at least a five-year warranty, but in some cases even more. For example, the Ideal Vogue Max boiler has a warranty for twelve years and the Baxi 800 series has a warranty of ten. Some of the manufacturers also offer an extended warranty option. This means you can increase your warranty length to ensure that your boiler remains covered for an extra fee. This is something to consider having a new boiler installed.

Warranties length give a signal as to how long a boiler manufacturer is expecting a boiler to function without fault, the warranty itself isn’t the only variable that decides boiler’s life expectancy. Another variable is the way a boiler is looked after and if serviced every year.

An annual service is needed if you want your boiler to last. Even well-taken care of older boiler will continue to run fine for many years. A new boiler that is never serviced will likely fail much sooner than it should, this can also void your warranty so a boiler replacement might be needed sooner.

Since the cost of a new boiler and boiler installation is quite high then it is a good idea to have an annual service for the boiler.

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